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We support the Homeless Community living in tents in places like Belmore Park, Green Park and Wentworth Park and other places around the city.

Sydney City Council is showing little compassion for Homeless people that they are supposed to be respecting and helping. The Council “officially” likes to be seen to be compasionate but their actions in taking away the possessions of Homeless people on 11/2/15 at Wentworth Park demonstrates a complete opposite. They have recently begun to take away tents and possessions from Homeless people. We were told of this happening to 7 tents at our meeting with Belmore Park residents on 12/9/15. So now winter is over, Council are moving in before the tourist season.

Homeless people living in tents do not do it by choice. They do it because they are homeless. They have no other place to do unless they simply are ‘moved on’ to some other Homeless community.

Council destroyed the Community at Wentworth Park in February 2015. The group had a small degree of safety and security in an otherwise dangerous life on the streets. The homeless often face theft, bullying and even violent assaults including rape. It is not a safe place, especially for women, elderly and children.

The City of Sydney have told homeless people that all they are allowed to have is a swag(sleeping bag) and 2 other bags. This is in effect moving them back to living rough on the ground in alleyways and on the pavement. If Council are so concerned about finding hem accomodation, they why do this to them?. Let them live in their tent until they obtain accomodation.

It is a sad reflection on Sydney City Council that such a rich Council would think they can treat vulnerable homeless people in such a heartless manner.

For the Council to forcibly take away the tents and other possessions of the Wentworth Park Community is not so different from bullying, a home invasion, or even theft.  And now they are doing it to Belmore Park.

What we simply ask for is that Sydney City Council give an undertaking that they will leave homelesss people alone in their tents. or to arrange accommodation for them. That the Council basically treats these people with respect as every Australian has the right to be treated. Is it not everyone’s right to feel safe as possible, especially when they go to sleep at night?

What sort of people are these Homeless People. There are more and more middle class and women and children even ending up on the streets. Many of us have been shocked to find people who were not so different to us. People who have had some tragedy in their life, cant afford the skyrocketing rents, then on the streets

We found people with mental health problems, elderly people, young people, people with poor English skills, people who are ill and frail. Still, they welcomed us and even offered to share with us what little food they had. We were all moved and felt the terrible injustice of a powerful organisation bullying vulnerable people in this manner.

Like us, you likely have a place to live, regular food each day and be able to feel safe at night. We thus want to try to help those less fortunate than ourselves to at least keep what they have.

So, we please ask that you take a little of  your time and support them and do what you can to stop this act of callous barbarism. There is no honour in attacking and bullying the vulnerable.

Winter is over. There is no honour in now taking away tents of Homeless before the tourist season begins.

Dear Councillors, may we ask you a few questions. Would you like someone to come along with a crane, pick up your house and all your belongings and put it into a big garbage truck? If not, then why do you think it is ok to do this to Homeless people??

Dear Councillors, would you like to live in a sleeping bag ëach night unprotected and face physical danger every day and especially when you go to sleep at night, living in a park or on a pavement or in an alleyway. Well, if you would not want to, do you think you think you have the right to make vulnerable, sick and frail people sleep this way and put them in danger.


Dear Councillors, do you think that it is appropriate to take away what little sense of safety and community these homeless people have built for themselves? To take away from those who have so little is surely an act of theft.


Dear Councillors, you have been elected by the people to act on behalf of the people and to treat all fairly, especially the most vulnerable. Please do not be intimidated by a group of people who may be actually complaining to you about these homeless people across the road who provide a less picturesque view when they look outside?


Dear Councillors, do you have children and if so, would you like them to have to sleep out on the streets, without any privacy, in a place where they could be harmed? Well, the people at Wentworth Park are the children of someone also.

That Community backlash is once building after Council have recommenced taking away tents. We were amazed at how many people we met who are advocating for these people, people who expressed their disgust that the Council would try and now take away their tents. Every day the numbers are building. There are people becoming active again.

Please go back to the home page and you can quickly send an email to Clover Moore and the other Councillors expressing how you feel about this.

Dont be deceived by the Council. They will try to tell you that they are not moving anyone along. No, that is true. What they are doing is to limit people to one sleeping bag and 2 other bags of personal possessions. They wont allow them to even have a tent. They have taken away all of their other belongings. Shame on you Councillors and Mayor.


You are also most welcome to please contact your local member and lobby them to complain to the council on your behalf.


We are also lobbying the State Government to stop taking away public housing (The Govt recently announced 293 properties to be sold around Sydney CBD) and to instead increase it. Rents are skyrocketing and unless the State Government increases public housing, Homelessness will continue to rise.

On it’s annual Rough Sleeper count, City of Sydney counted 346 people sleeping rough last year up from 274 in 2013.

We are building a database of people to let them know the truth of what is happening. If you would like to go on our email list to receive updates, please email pleasehelpourhomeless@gmail.com

Many thanks for your time.


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