Requesting Funds for Projects

​​There are limited funds available for a trial period to support well meaning people who have some good idea but limited funds to carry out some forms of awareness/resonance raising community or social activist type event. Some examples could be to hold an information session/seminar to promote awareness about issues of community concern. Some examples could be Fluoridation, Chemtrails, GMO food, Coal Seam Gas, Hunting in Nat. parks, Supporting Aboriginals, Refugees, etc. The possibilities are infinite and only limited by creativity. It could even be for catering for smaller meetings to work towards some of the above or other similar idea to simply start off a process. For the initial trial, $50 can be provided once the idea is approved, and a further $50 can be given once documentation/receipts/brief report are provided after the event. Initially whilst this process is being developed, the funding is limited in amount and between Lawson to Blackheath NSW. Secondly, there is funding for mini projects for either helping/supporting others who may be facing some severe disadvantage/suffering, perhaps by doing some good deeds/ support as a temporary measure. To access this, at this stage, to limit requests whilst we ascertain demand, we ask that you need to go through someone working and connected with this site. So for more details simply complete the box to the left giving a short description of your proposal and then a Self Assessment Application can then be emailed to you. Many thanks.​(Note – This idea is inspired by similar projects conducted in India).