Raw Food

Greetings and thanks for being interested in raw food. So why would you consider raw food? Well, possibly because the less processed the food, the more healthier and nutritious the food is for you. From a wholistic perspective, it is better to eat sattvic or more pure foods. There is a lot of concern that the western diet that has become increasingly processed largely destroys a lot of the food’s nutrition and life force. Additionally, a lot of food has become more unnatural with unhealthy substances added ( eg preservatives, additives, flavor enhancers). Due to stressful and busy lifestyles, take aways are becoming an increasing popular option. Most popular takeaway foods are extremely high in fats, sugars and sodium, and are low in healthy vitamins and minerals and fibre. Eating these unhealthy options regularly is harmful to your health, greatly increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer.etc). More raw food is a way to connect back to a more pure way of living with vital energized food that is a powerful source of nutrients and healing for our bodies in what is becoming a more complex and often more unhealthy world. Basically, raw food is full of enzymes and processed food often has very little enzymes. When we eat processed food, we use up our own enzymes to process this food whereas raw food is believed to give us more enzymes. One theory is that when begin to run out of enzymes, this leads to sickness and ill health and when we run out, we can die.

If you are considering going onto a raw food lifestyle, then we would recommend looking at videos from a person called Radical Raw on youtube. Not only does he provide great info about a 31 day Raw Food detox, he also makes various interesting and aware commentary most days about topics to do with peoples health. He also provides great links that provide a huge amount of valuable and relevant info. Click here to got o Radical Raw day 1

A dear friend of ours was ill quite a lot, having bronchitis often twice yearly. Since going on complete raw food, he has not even had a cold, had any allergic reactions which he used to have to dust and pollen. Perfect healthy for 18 months including 2 winters. Even if full raw food is too much for you to contemplate at this stage, you can become 50, 60 or 80 percent raw and begin to feel the amazing benefits. So, we would like to share some of our favorite raw food recipes with you. They include green smoothies, raw crackers, raw chocolate and tahina. All super yummy. Just click on the image for the recipe and description.

Click image for Green Smoothie Recipe
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