False Pride – The Teacher

You won’t believe what this Homeless man does


So touching – What does a homeless man do with his pizza?

Never Judge Somebody By Their Apperance

Due to our conditioning without even realising we judge people by their appearance. This clever video illustrates how our minds are influenced by illusion. Please Bless The Homeless.

Kids decide between helping the Homeless or Ice Cream

Success in a way

Thanks to all who have supported the campaign. After the shameful removal of Wentworth Park Tents and the destruction of their community in February, ongoing lobbying and campaigning has resulted in the tents still being up at Belmore Park until the beginning of 2016 when the Council cunningly has used Security Guards to remove tents by stealth, ie remove tents when people are away for a few days and not allow new tents. We have continually asked the Council to simply give an undertaking that they will not take tents without consulting with the Homeless Community members to respectfully obtain their permission. Now the poor Homeless people are gravitating back to Wentworth Park. COUNCIL DONT SHAME YOURSELF BY BULLYING HOMELESS PEOPLE AND TAKING THE WENTWORTH TENTS AGAIN

Advocates meeting. On Sat 12/9/15 various advocates will meet in Sydney for a number of new project initiatives, including Aussie of the Day, Business Cards for Homeless and Working with Homeless people who are interested in becoming more activist oriented and working more closely with our Advocates. We also plan to meet up with various other Service providers. Peace to all.

One of the Homeless Advocates Kalani is in Nepal working with earthquake survivors- Please support him

Nepal fund raiser flyerKalani who did a lot of the video work and helped produce Radical Son’s ‘Leave them tents alone’music video, has selflessly gone to Nepal to help those affected by the recent earthquakes. Please offer whatever support you can by visiting https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nepal-direct-aid-for-the-monsoon/1454991761462658

Supporting the Homeless to become more active

The Homeless Advocates are currently working on ways to support the Homeless to become more active and to take action to support themselves such as providing business cards and petitions to do with protecting their rights to have tents in park areas.

Some good news potentially

On a recent trip to the city some Homeless people at Belmore Park told us that the Council had said that they would not take away tents. Let’s keep the pressure on none the less