About Us

WELCOME to our site. We are simply a group of active people, from a wide range of age, economic, geographical and political persuasions, who focus on areas of Social Injustice. This site has been set up to bring to you stories of how inhumanely the most vulnerable members of our community are being treated … ie, the homeless. People who have had a few unlucky breaks in life and end up on the streets are people we need to look out for.

It can happen to anyone…some bad health, a relationship breakdown or a job loss and suddenly the mortgage or rent becomes impossible. Next stop the streets.

This site has been set up to provide information about stories that need to be told but sadly are often never talked about and and missed.  Stories about how vulnerable people can be too easily intimidated, bullied and moved on… when they should be helped

Life on the streets means dealing with theft and bullying to violent assaults and even rape. It is not a safe place, especially for women and especially lderly women and children.

Ten, fifteen years ago, 80-90% of homeless people had a drug/alcohol/mental health problem that resulted in them being on the street. Now, with skyrocketing rents/real estate prices and lack of affordable housing, it is reversed. Only 10-20% of homeless people end up on the streets due to drug/alcohol/mental health issues, the other 80 to 90% are simply people who just cant cope with the inhuman crisis of unaffordable accommodation.  Sadly, people often develop drug, alcohol and mental health issues after being on the street. Please have compassion and don’t judge homeless people. It is not so far between where people like you and I sit and where they are. Often its no more than a couple of crisis situations and anyone can end up on the street.  

Our previous focus was on the Sydney City Council taking away tents and belongings from Homeless People without their permission. We have had various issues with the Sydney City Council Homeless Team who were instrumental in raiding the Martin Place 24/7 Street Kitchen on a number of occasions.  If you have any examples of Council or other workers harassing homeless people please email pleasehelpourhomeless@gmail.com

Love and Blessings to our Homeless brothers and sisters.


No Series is perfect but at least SBS is making some effort to create awareness about homelesslessness. Hopefully, more compassion and understanding can be the result.