An opportunity to help those who don’t have a voice – Hey, Council, Leave them Tents Alone!!

Radical Son is advising the Sydney City Council to    ‘LEAVE THEM TENTS ALONE’ (Note – Tents includes any personal items of Homeless)

14/8/17 – Gladys Berjiklian and Pru Goward, what you have done to crush what was an inspiring and functioning Homeless Community, of Homeless Caring for Homeless, fully crown funded at no cost to Govt, is a sad reflection on you and your Government. Whilst the Sydney 24/7 Street Kitchen Safe Space may have been an embarassment to you, right across from NSW Parliament and in front of the Reserve Bank, that was no justification in any way shape or form to crush in such a heartless and uncaring manner a community of people with so much less than you. If you want to play the song below by Street Wise, pause the Radical Son track above first.

"Big Tent-City Life"

a selection of random footage captured over two weeks shooting up at Sydney's 24-7 Street Kitchen and Safe Space Community

Posted by Streetwise Media on Tuesday, August 22, 2017


1/7/17 – On Saturday the 24/6/17, Sydney Council cruelly forced the fully functioning Sydney 24/7 Street Kitchen Street Kitchen and Safe Space out of their undercover area under the awning at the top of Martin Place. 60 Homeless people lost their home that morning.  The Council reasons – health and safety – which is ridiculous – there is ongoing construction around the city with pedestrian access maintained without danger and the area was kept clean and well organised. It was simply a cruel thing to do to attempt to move Homeless people away from such a high profile public area and out of sight. On the day the question was asked ‘Where can we go” and “Give us a place to go and we will go?. Well, no place was suggested by Council so they have moved across Martin Place to now be in the front of the Reserve Bank, with no cover. So, the generous public have provided tents and the Safe Space and Street Kitchen continues. So, Council, Leave them Tents Alone and if you want to support the homeless, please email Clover Moore and ask her to explain why they wont give a suitable space for the Street Kitchen and Safe Space to operate from.  Two and a half years we formed as an advocacy group because we were disgusted to see how Sydney City Council was taking tents of homeless people without their permission. Well, its Ground Hog Day, we are back at that point again (see Radical Sons ‘Leave them tents alone above from 2 years ago) . Email Clover Moore -please at

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16/5/17 – We sent a letter to all Sydney City Councillors on the 18/3/17 and to date only Labors Linda Scott has replied. Thank you Linda. As for the other Councillors, we hope that your lack of respect and response to us is not indicative of the way you operate in relation to Council responsibilities. We encourage homeless advocates to contact the Council and to use whatever creative means you can to expose the Shameful treatment of Homeless persons by the Sydney City Council. Council, please do not do any more raids on the Homeless and give an undertaking that you will not Raid (though we note that there have been no raids since the last raid on the 18/3/17) . It is theft to take homeless belongings without their permission and their may come a day when you have to face the consequences of this in Court.

23/3/17 – The Western Australian Dept of Culture and Arts in 2015 installed watering systems to wet homeless people at night. After a public outcry, they removed them within a  few days. Many of our advocates were so disgusted, even tho it happend over a year ago, decided that we want an undertaking from the Director General Duncan Ord (yes, he was the Director General when sprinklers were installed )  and the name of the person who made the decision to implement them. This sort of behavior to do this to vulnerable homeless people is completely un Australian and should never even be considered in this country.

21/3/17 We have sent a letter to Council and are awaiting their response. We have pointed out that their choosing to identify Homeless persons belongings as personal and non personal so they can then take the non personal ( eg food, plates, cooking items, etc) is highly discriminatory, likely illegal and is not something that is done to others members of our Community and if they (or anyone else ) did it to non homeless groups, it would be clearly regarded as theft.

16/3/17  – Various Homeless Advocates, including Radical Son, had a combination of physical, skype and telephone hookup. We called Lanz Priestley to give us an update and expressed our thanks to him for taking a stand on behalf of homeless.  We resolved to approach Council and find out which Councillors are complicit and which are not and to begin a campaign if necessary.

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Lanz Priestley

Sydney 24/7 Street Kitchen and Safe Space

9/3/17 – Sydney City Council are up to their old tricks again. Shame on you Council for stealing the equipment of homeless people at Martin Place Sydney. You destroyed a perfectly functioning homeless community in Wentworth park in 2015 and by this recent behavior, you show you have learnt nothing. Millions are spent on your Homeless Unit. Maybe it is time to disband it if this is what the Councils Homeless Unit does and give the money to create accommodation for Homeless. Lance Priestley, who is the one of the main advocates and protectors of homeless people, refers to one of the Sydney Councils workers, Ray Southwall (who we have complained about before) using these words in the video below. “this is Ray Southwall, another one who goes around making friends with homeless people and then steals off them”. Lance refers to another Council worker, Trina ?  “This is Trina, she steals off homeless people. She is an absolute thief” Maybe its time to disband this unit or to replace current staff with ones more respectful to the clients that they are being paid to help

25/12/16 – a group of Homeless Advocates, including Sam Parker Davies who recently ran for Councillor and obtained 14% of the primary vote as well as Indigenous Performer and Activist Radical Son, are visiting Homeless on Christmas Day and handing out some goodies with love and respect.  Please consider doing your own Christmas Homeless Service Run. You can just make up some presents and go to some places where homeless people are ( eg Central Station, Belmore Park, Wentworth Park) and just share some love. A great experience for children too and a wonderful way to connect to a less materialistic and more pure version of the Christmas spirit.

20141225_085056A Previous Trip

21/12/16 – One of the local heroines in the Blue Mountains, Rosa Del Ponte who runs Earth Recovery and Mountains Soul Kitchen, is someone we all admire especially due to love and support for the homeless and those doing it tough. After a discussion with Greens Councillor Kerry Brown, we have emailed her and other Councillors asking if they could offer some support to the wonderful work Rosa is doing via their discretionary funding. Fingers crossed. If you play the video below, just turn off the sound for the video above first.

28/11/16 – Some advocates visited noticed that there were more tents in Belmore park and talked with some residents who had no issues with the Council workers.

18/10/16 – We hope that Clover Moore, now she has been very successful in her election win, now uses this political capital to do the right thing by homeless and allow them to live in peace in Wentworth and Belmore Parks and other locations around the city.

9/9/16 – Homeless people have told us that Council workers have taunted them saying they are soon going to take tents again. Shame on you Council and your workers. Please Click here and sign the petition started by some of our Associates


26/8/16 Over time, the Sydney City Council, has, via employing Security Guards, by stealth removed tents from Belmore Park. Homeless people dont magically disappear when forced to ‘move on’ and just keep getting ‘moved on’. The Mayor has admitted that Homeless peoples belongings have been taken and put into landfill.  In response to a question in a Council meeting about how the Council deals with tents of Homeless, here is the Mayors response …

“A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is provided prior to removal. Items not claimed are removed to landfill and cannot be retrieved. No compensation is provided for unclaimed items abandoned in the public space”

We were told of a Homeless person who was taken to hospital as an emergency patient, came back a few days later and all their possession were gone. THIS IS SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR BY COUNCIL.

One of our members met an Indigenous women in tears who had come back from a trip away for a funeral and had her tent and possessions taken. Everything gone. put in landfill and unrecoverable. SHAME ON YOU COUNCIL.

Sydney City Councillors, please show us you have a heart. Clover Moore, you your team of 7 Independents do not deserve to be elected if you think that you can get away with treating homeless people like this. Homeless people are Homeless because they have nowhere else to go and their numbers are increasing due to lack of affordable housing, reduction in public housing,e tc. At least let them have some dignity, privacy, warmth and comfort by having a tent in somewhere like Wentworth Park. Sydney City Council shamefully took away tents and belongings from Homeless people in Wentworth Park in February 2015.

We ask you, would you like to go for breakfast and come home and find your house demolished and all your possessions taken away to landfill and come home to nothing.

Please show us that you have a heart. Please show us you are serious about supporting Homeless people. Please give us a public undertaking by Wed 31/8/16 that says

“Sydney City Council undertake to allow Homeless people to live in tents in Wentwork Park until they are able/supported to find more suitable accomodation”.

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”   Mahatma Ghandi

DARTH VADER’S DEATHBED WISH AND A MESSAGE FROM THE JEDI COUNCIL!! (Note – if you would like to watch this or other videos with sound below, please just Pause the auto video above of Radical Son first so you can hear and then click on the youtube button and like the video in youtube please)

CHRISTMAS DAY 2015 VISIT MEETING THE MYSTERY MAN WHO GIVES OUT $100 BILLS !!(Note – if you would like to watch, please scroll and turn off the auto video of Radical Son below first so you can hear and then click on the youtube button and like the video in youtube please)

UPDATES – We have 1100 friends on facebook and growing every day.

16/5/16 – We received a reply to our recent correspondence from Council. Sadly, they have not answered our questions and have not given any undertaking (we have been asking for 16 months now) that they will not heartlessly take away tents from Homeless People without their permission. Dear Mayor, is it so hard to agree not to take away (some would say steal) tents from Homeless people.


15/5/16 – We sent an email to the Daily Telegraph complaining about their portrayal of Homeless. We are please to announce that we were able to recently send another email thanking them regarding an article that showed respect for the Homeless in Wentworth Park. We would be most grateful if that way of portraying Homeless people is maintained.

3/5/16 – We were told by Lake who is a long term Homeless resident at Belmore Park that ranger Mick is compassionate towards homeless people. We appreciate that.
There are many people now moving back to Wentworth Park. We are concerned that the Council will take similar action as back in Feb 2015. If so, they will receive the same shaming and media exposure as they did last year, especially as it is quite clear now that what they did last year did not achieve their objectives as now there are more homeless people in Wentworth Park now than in Feb 2015, showing how ineffective their action last year was. Taking away tents and belongings from Homeless people was a cruel thing to do. If they do it again, Homeless people will be just scattered around the inner city. Homeless people try to stay with other Homeless people for protection and some form of community. A tent provides some privacy, protection from the elements and security. IT IS TIME FOR THE COUNCIL TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND SUPPORT THE HOMELESS COMMUNITY IN WENTWORTH PARK, NOT INTIMIDATE, THREATEN AND STEAL THEIR BELONGINGS LIKE LAST YEAR.
26/4 – A group of us went to monitor what was happening to the increasing amount of Homeless people in Wentworth Park. 16 months ago Council forcefully and disrespectfully removed tents and personal belongings from Homeless people in Wentworth Park, scattering them all over the inner city. The effectiveness of this strategy is evidenced by there being more tents there now than back in Feb 2015. Unfortunately there are only so many places you can relatively safety go if you are Homeless. We call on Council to allow these people some basic dignity and to live in tents in Wentworth park and other places in the inner city until they are able to obtain more suitable accomodation. These Homeless people are their because they are homeless, not because they choose to.

11/4 – Tents have gone down. Nina’s shared tent was gone. It may be that they went for travelling/visiting for a few days and came back to find their tents and belongings taken away, likely put in a garbage dump and now she has gone to sleep somewhere in a back alley. No one had heard from her. If her or her tent sharing friend had obtained accomodation it is likely they would have shared this with other Belmore Park residents. We will be emailing Council today.
We now have over 1100 friends on Facebook.
. These are largely youth. It shows that people care. Thank you all. We can be a force for good.
22/3/16 – We received conflicting reports from Homeless residents of Belmore Park. One partially disabled man said Council workers every few days harassed him and asked him to leave the park. Others said Council dont take tents without permission or unless they are empty. However a Security Guard said that Council had instructed that no new tents were to be allowed. Our question to Council – If people are not allowed into the relative safety of Belmore Park to have a tent when they are desperate and homeless, where do they go. An alleyway, a backstreet. We know of women who have been raped in such places. Council, if you dont want people to gather in Belmore Park, use some of your huge funds as one of the richest Councils in the world to show some leadership and fund options for these people, as per one of the Councillors suggestion to us.

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18/2/15 – We are concerned about various negative articles from the Daily Telegraph. A clip is being prepared for release which is a Darth Vader Star Wars Parody to provide some Jedi level advice about this problem. Stay tuned.
28/12/15 – A few of us visited the Belmore Park Homeless as Santa and Helper and handed out some presents and some cards made by children.
Council have employed Security guards who are constantly in the Park. Despite some complaints about them, after meeting them, they appear decent and were willing to listen to our advice. We also heard largely positive feedback about the Council. We also met up with Jake and Ned and they are in the video. Then, amazingly, right as we were doing a video encouraging people to come down to Belmore Park and support Homeless, a man turned up handing out $100 bills to the Homeless. We were stunned and he is on the last part of the video.
2/10/15 – 2 Homeless Advocates visited Belmore Park on Fri 2/10/15 to confirm what we had heard. We are happy to share that we were not able to find any evidence that Council had lured people away from their tents by organising a bbq in Alfred Park and then taking tents in Belmore Park. We actually had 2 homeless people complimenting Mick from the Councils homeless unit. Thank you Mick for gaining the respect of these particular Homeless people. We also had another person complimenting Council for putting on a bbq in Belmore Park for homeless. Thank you Council. As per the Business Card we have distributed, we would prefer to pass on Compliments rather than Complains. We have emailed Council to pass on this good news. We hope that this respect continues however there are still many tents taken away from Homeless people previously that have traumatised these people. Council still has not given us an undertaking that they will not take away tents and belongings of Homeless people without their consent (unless there is some fair system such as if it has been noted over a period of at least 2 days that no one is in a tent and it looks abandoned and then a final notice put on the tent after this that it will be taken away the next day if still abandoned) Council – We await your undertaking.

20/9/15 – We were shocked to be told by 2 sources at a meeting with Homeless on Sat 19-9 that on Tues 15/9 Council organised a bar b q at Alfred Park and invited Homeless people from Belmore Park. Whilst Homeless people were at Alfred Park, Council workers came snuck in and took away their tents and belongings. We will send some advocates to investigate further and if it has happened.

Advocates meeting. On Sat 12/9/15 various Advocates from around the State met in Sydney for a number of new project initiatives, including Business Cards for Homeless and supporting ex and current Homeless people becoming more activist oriented. We were shocked to hear that Sydney City Council have organised for 6 tents to be taken from Belmore Park when residents were away. We heard stories of tents and all belongings being put in garbage trucks. SHAME ON YOUR COUNCIL. Putting into garbage trucks shows no respect at all and contaminates what was put in there. We met up with other Service providers who were equally disgusted by Council taking away tents.

meeting 12-9-15
Meeting with Belmore Park Homeless community on 12/9/15, handing out Business Cards and discussing Council taking tents.Note that Aggie and Aunty Janet who we worked with in Wentworth Park and who now have accommodation have come back to actively help other Homeless people.

Thanks to all who have supported the campaign. However Council are up to the same old disrestful behaviour they employed with the Wentworth Park Homeless. SHAME ON YOU COUNCIL to take away from people who have so little. COUNCILLORS would you like to have all of your belongings, including your House, put in a large garbage truck whilst you were away at breakfast and to come home to nothing.

We will update you of any public meetings coming up. It all depends on what the Council does.

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing’ – Edmund Burke

with Wentworth Park Homeless and Supporters

Aunty Grace and Aunty Carmel  and Wentworth Park Homeless and Supporters

It is important to expose Sydney Council for the way they have treated the Wentworth Park Homeless Community and have now commenced doing to other Communities such as Belmore Park. 6 tents and belongings were sneakily taken away from Belmore Park in early September without permission whilst the residents were away.

The Homeless people we have met  are good people experiencing hard times and deserve to be treated respectfully.

The City of Sydney on Wed 11/2/15, accompanied by police, forcibly took away the possessions of the Wentworth Park Homeless people and have recently begun the same shameful behaviour to other Homeless people, usually taking their belongings away in garbage trucks. Council have previously told Homeless people that all they are allowed to have in the park is a swag/sleeping bag and 2 other bags which means they are to sleep on the ground without any protection from the elements or living rough on a pavement or in an alley somewhere. We know of women who have been raped sleeping like this.

We are also lobbying the NSW Government to stop selling public Housing (The Govt recently announced 293 properties to be sold around Sydney CBD – Source ABC news) and to instead increase Public Housing.

If you’d like to stand with them, you can do the following 3 things listed below and then send this webpage link with a personal message to all your friends and contacts to ask them to support also…

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3) Finally, send this link to all of your contacts with a brief personal message and ask them to spread it further

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Radical Son has had his portrait entered into the Prestigious Moran Competition and has made it through to the semi finals.
David Leha moran finalist

Radical Son being interviewed on SBS radio – Part 1

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